Common Ground



Everybody’s just looking for something
I’m a lot like you, you’re a lot like me
A little piece of mind enough to eat
So I can stand on my own two feet.
I don’t know much but this I do believe

We’ve got to stand together on common ground
We’ve got to band together or we all fall down
Everybody is looking for someone in vain (to blame)
We’re not that different as we’re all the same
We’ve got to stand together on common ground

Everybody knows we’ve got to change things
But all we seem to do is fuss and fight
Left right black or white
We all dream about the same things at night
Come on people it’s time to build a brand new day

Come on stop throwing stones
Come on you know you’re not alone
Come on we’ve got to get together
We’re just about to lose our only home




About Boyd & Nicholas
Boyd & Nicholas — THE COST REPORT PEOPLE® The nation’s leading cost report preparation firm, Tom Boyd and Tom Nicholas are THE COST REPORT PEOPLE®. Specializing in home health and hospice, Boyd & Nicholas have earned an impeccable reputation for service, expertise and integrity delivered with professionalism and personality. At a time when cost reports are defining the very future of home health Medicare reimbursement, trust THE COST REPORT PEOPLE® with your submission and experience the difference! (877) 424-6527.

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