One of my pet peeves is the absence of anyone being identified on an organization’s website.

I have seen websites that describe their expertise, experience and knowledge with dating of it back to their start in the last century. They tell you how wonderful they are without telling you WHO they are. Nowhere on their website does it tell you who is the CEO or disclose any of their employees or staff.

These businesses want you to use their services or buy their products but they can’t disclose their personnel; not even the one person who is supposed to step up to “the buck stops here?”

And while the big publicly traded firms may not list their personnel on their website you can find the key people listed on their corporation website.

Next time you are looking at a service vendor, or any vendor’s website check out WHO they are or consider looking further.


About Boyd & Nicholas
Boyd & Nicholas — THE COST REPORT PEOPLE® The nation’s leading cost report preparation firm, Tom Boyd and Tom Nicholas are THE COST REPORT PEOPLE®. Specializing in home health and hospice, Boyd & Nicholas have earned an impeccable reputation for service, expertise and integrity delivered with professionalism and personality. At a time when cost reports are defining the very future of home health Medicare reimbursement, trust THE COST REPORT PEOPLE® with your submission and experience the difference! (877) 424-6527.

2 Responses to Websites

  1. Larry Leahy says:

    well said but who are you?


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