Remember the Alamo – NOT

Texans and others have memorialized the falling of the Alamo March 6, 1836, as a great, brave last stand, about 180 holding off some 6,000 Mexicans for almost two weeks. I have been to the Alamo and say BULL to that. These guys were stupid to hold up behind walls that, in my younger days, I could jump up on unassisted. (Granted it is easier when not being shot at.) Given the long supply line of the Mexican army would it not have been better had these valiant men hassled the Mexican’s long supply line? This did not seem to be a wise military decision and may not have been intended as they waited for reinforcements which never came. All the Texans wounded in the battle were killed, along with a very few (5-7?) that surrendered. Aspects of this behavior were done by the Texans to the defeated Mexican army the following month.

Remember the Goliad Massacre – YES

On March 27, 1836, three weeks after The Alamo, 342 Texans who had surrendered to the Mexicans were shot, clubbed and knifed to death. This coming after the Mexican General had promised them that they would be treated as prisoners of war. Another 123 Texans avoided death for different reasons including the kindness of some Mexicans.

The anger of the Texans should have been directed to the Mexican actions at Goliad.


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2 Responses to Remember the Alamo – NOT

  1. Bill Guisti says:

    Since, you are in Florida…. You should have written about the Fountain of Youth, which we all struggle to find… Yes, we must remember….!


  2. Rebecca Mellor says:

    Every true blooded Texan says”Rremember Goliad . Remember the Alamo” with one breath.

    Look up San Jacinto

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