Apple with worms

I have and love both my iPad and iPhone and look forward to generations to come. I think Apple has great products and great customer service. I am an Apple fan.

However, Apple has worms.

Apple is sitting on close to $150 billion in cash. Enough money to buy some countries and most corporations. What is Apple going to do with all this cash? Spend about $100 billion on buying their own stock and by giving out more in dividends. They should be ashamed.

Apple could be building factories in this country instead of outsourcing production to China. Apple could buy Blackberry and make a phone that has the best of it and the iPhone. They could be lowering prices on all products. They could give a mini iPad to every high school and college student in the country that is on the honor roll. They could invest in and create the technology of tomorrow, today. They could send people to Mars.

We look to big box retail stores, bookstores and video stores to all disappear because they did not invest: In themselves, knowledge, or others. Will Apple exist in 2113 or follow them?


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